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Wellnest Online Therapy

For Wellnest, a leading inclusive online therapy platform, our collaboration involved a comprehensive revamp of their UI/UX, web design, and development. Our team prioritized creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, aligning seamlessly with Wellnest's commitment to anti-oppressive, anti-racist, feminist, trauma-informed, and LGBTQ2IS-aligned practices. Through thoughtful web design, we aimed to convey the diversity and inclusivity of their therapeutic services. Simultaneously, our web development efforts focused on optimizing the platform for cultural, religious, and linguistic compatibility, ensuring an enhanced and accessible online therapy experience for users across various backgrounds.

Kno Global

For Kno Global, we transformed their digital presence by revamping the web design. We crafted a dynamic and visually compelling interface that embodies the platform's essence – a community-driven hub for enhanced employee engagement and real-time improvements. Our focus on streamlined design elements reflects the diversity of both the team and users. Supported by advisors and investors with over 50 years of experience, our web design work not only elevates the user experience but also reshapes how transparency and collaboration intersect in the supply chain landscape.

Crown Entertainment

Crowns Found needed a platform that could perform on the global stage and support artists where they need it most.

Vendi Bean

Our agency was thrilled to design the website for VendiBean Office Coffee, the trailblazers behind the first-ever smart office coffee machine for our generation. The website captures the excitement of the VendiBean team, highlighting the positive feedback received on how their solutions impact team morale and productivity. Our design aims to showcase their commitment to continuous evolution, innovation, and disrupting the office coffee game. Visitors can explore the site to learn more about the groundbreaking features that redefine the coffee experience in workplace settings.

Speed Well

For Speedwell Coffee, a leading wholesale coffee roaster, our web design focus was on refining their online presence. We developed a user-friendly interface that reflects their dedication to cultivating lasting customer relationships. Through strategic design, we highlighted their commitment to roasting exceptional coffee, coupled with a strong emphasis on providing training, education, and support. This revamped web design not only enhances the user experience but also reinforces Speedwell Coffee's position as a trusted partner in the wholesale coffee industry.


For Savoy's, a renowned name in the jewelry industry, our web design focus was centered on bringing their legacy online. We curated a user-friendly interface that mirrors their commitment to quality, community, and customer satisfaction. Our strategic design choices highlighted their extensive inventory, including top industry brands and a line of exquisite in-house designed jewelry. The revamped website not only showcases the largest selection of loose diamonds in Northern Ontario but also emphasizes the personalized touch of customized design work and repairs by certified goldsmiths and GIA Gemologists. At Savoy's, the commitment to an exceptional customer experience extends seamlessly from their physical store to their digital presence, ensuring that leaving satisfied remains a timeless mission.


For Precursor, a leading professional services firm, our web design endeavors were aimed at translating their vision into a seamless digital experience. With a focus on a user-friendly interface, we showcased their full suite of corporate and advisory solutions. The website reflects Precursor's commitment to constant innovation, uncovering synergies, and fostering growth opportunities for both their team and clients in our connected world. As the youngest firm to reach the top 25 accounting firms in Singapore, Precursor's online presence now mirrors their distinction in serving fast-growing clients. The website emphasizes the enduring values of Mutual Respect, Integrity, Commitment, and Excellence, signifying the start of a long-lasting relationship with every client. Through strategic web design, we brought to life their mission of developing the potential of their people, delivering added value to clients, and driving improvements in the community.

Native Camper Vans

For Native Camper Vans, our web design focus was dedicated to capturing the essence of their transformative journey through the American West. Crafting a visually engaging and user-friendly interface, we brought to life their mission since 2015: to make perspective-shifting journeys more accessible and offer the freedom of the open road to people from diverse places. The revamped website now mirrors their belief that adventure is a means to reconnect with nature, allowing space for one's native self. Emphasizing the thrill of discovery, the site invites users to explore new roads and experience the transformative nature of an American West journey. Additionally, their fleet of available camper vans is seamlessly showcased on the website, making the process of renting and embarking on these adventures more accessible than ever.

Chubby Snacks

For Chubby Snacks, our agency spearheaded a transformative web design to elevate their e-commerce store. Launched in the Summer of 2020, the website is a seamless blend of good UI/UX, offering a user-friendly platform for snack enthusiasts. Our focus was on presenting the meticulously crafted snacks in an accessible manner, ensuring the high-quality, no-junk ingredients are not just a promise but a visual highlight. The site not only streamlines the shopping experience for consumers but also serves as a hub for a community of health-conscious snack enthusiasts. With a clean design and intuitive navigation, Chubby Snacks' e-commerce platform now invites visitors to stay and indulge in a satisfying online shopping experience.

Cereal Number

For Cereal Number, our agency led the design of an innovative e-commerce platform showcasing their unique cereal offerings. Launched with a focus on excellent UI/UX, the website ensures a smooth online shopping experience for cereal enthusiasts. From thick-cut oats to real honey, the spotlight is on high-quality ingredients, featuring unique twists like citrus + pistachios or macadamia + chocolate + banana. The site not only highlights the distinctiveness of their cereals but also invites visitors to explore and enjoy a flavor-filled journey, making the online shopping experience as delightful as pouring a late-night bowl of their one-of-a-kind cereals.

Blue Rock

For Blue Rock Vineyards, our agency took charge of designing an enticing e-commerce platform that complements their exceptional wines. The website, centered around excellent UI/UX, ensures a seamless online shopping experience for wine enthusiasts. Our focus is on highlighting the unique character of each wine, crafted with the knowledge and modern finesse that come with experience. While paying homage to European roots, the site emphasizes Blue Rock's commitment to evolving and enhancing the essence of each vintage. The result is an accessible luxury—wines that exceed expectations at a reasonable price, offering an experience akin to an unexpected upgrade to first class.


For Avalow Plant Shop & Organic Nursery, our agency led the design of a captivating e-commerce platform, tailored to showcase their diverse selection of plants and organic offerings. With a focus on stellar UI/UX, the website provides a seamless online shopping experience for plant enthusiasts. Our design highlights the unique beauty of each plant, echoing Avalon's commitment to providing quality greenery and organic products. Rooted in a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and organic values, the site invites visitors to explore and indulge in the natural allure of Avalon's offerings, creating an online shopping experience as delightful as wandering through their organic nursery.

Auto Tec Ventures

Our agency had the privilege of crafting a dynamic website for Autotech Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm managing over $500M. With a mission to address global ground transport challenges through technology and explore the next frontier in mobility, Autotech Ventures entrusted us to bring their vision to the digital realm. The website reflects the expertise of their team—experienced entrepreneurs, operators, technologists, and investors with a world-class transport community and decades of ground transport experience. Our design aimed to showcase their mission, vision, and extensive industry knowledge, providing visitors with a seamless online experience that aligns with Autotech Ventures' commitment to shaping the future of mobility.

Urban Umbrella

Our agency took on the task of building a website for Urban Umbrella, the exclusive designer, patent holder, supplier, and fabricator of the only city-approved alternative to traditional sidewalk scaffolding and overhead protection. Based in New York City, Urban Umbrella's partnerships enable them to offer services in any North American city instantly. The website we crafted mirrors their innovative approach and extensive reach, providing a user-friendly platform to showcase their unique solutions and expertise in the urban infrastructure space.

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